Having travelled the world and through extensive research we wanted to bring our favourite finds from all around the globe directly to you. 


All Baliboho products are 100% ethical and eco friendly, with trust honesty and integrity at the core of who we are as a business.


We respect all cultures and embrace ideas that stem from a variety of backgrounds and cultural values.  In doing so bringing jobs and financial support to our suppliers all of which are family run businesses providing much needed employment to many people and in turn supports the prosperity of the employee families and their communities.


We’d love to hear from you with any questions or comments, we love a good chat so one of us will always get back to you…


Thanks for being part of Baliboho


Sharmaine & Anna


How its made

Just so you know.......The natural wool used to create our delicately soft cashmere blankets is carefully taken from from the underbelly of Himalayan goat (Capra Hircus) living 14000 feet above sea level in Nepal.

Because we like a clear conscience, no animal is ever harmed during this process and no child labour is involved in the collecting, cleaning and carding the wool, making yarn, knitting, dying and embroiling this product.


Due to the natural fibres used in the wool you can expect your cashmere blanket to keep you comfortingly warm yet at the same time will be extremely lightweight and suitably soft to cater for the most sensitive skin. 

The blankets are made by using traditional looms and are all 100% handmade by our carefully selected and very talented artisans, because our products are hand made they are all unique and one of a kind therefore making them the perfect gift for any occasion and the ultimate luxurious home accessory.  


When we met with our artisans we decided to start with our Natural Coloured Premium Collection, there is a colour to suit any home, we chose a variety of weaves to bring to you understated elegance for these stylish must have blankets and throws. 

We hope you enjoy your product as much as we enjoy ours, its a pleasure to bring these beautiful items to your home.




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